The WiE Executive Team 2019-2020

Women in Engineering Club at Western University

Women in Engineering at Western University is a student group working to provide social and academic support for future and current females students. WiE was created in 1989 to increase the female representation in Western’s engineering program. Since then, female enrollment in Engineering at Western has increased from 9% to 21%. WIE has initiated activities and events to encourage female engineering students to get to know each other, to help orient new female students to university life, to encourage female high school students to enter engineering, and to provide a support network for career development.

Why WiE Clubs are Important

Although they have made significant strides in the last 50 years, women in engineering are still an unrepresented group, where support services and outreach programs are necessary. WiE groups are important to give girls the knowledge, confidence, and opportunities required to consider engineering, and to succeed as engineers. It is important to address the gender stereotypes that prevent girls from studying in male-dominated fields and to provide female role models to give girls confidence and inspiration to reach their full potential. Women in engineering groups are an excellent medium through which to empower young girls, support female engineering students, work towards equality, and achieve a more balanced professional workforce.

Women in Engineering Facts

  • In Canada, the first woman to graduate from an engineering program was in the 1920’s
  • Today, only 7% of all licensed engineers in Ontario are women
  • The Engineering Department at Western opened in 1954, and our the first female graduated in 1966
  • Today, the number of women enrolled in Ontario Engineering Schools is approximately 20%

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